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Grant Hill Tour of Asia 1997
Hong Kong

4th August, 1997---13:30
Hong Kong Airport
Heheheheeheh ^_^ Grant finally came to Hong Kong!!! Grant is really look great and tall. Also, he is handsome ah!!! Click and see the pic of Grant!!!

Grant at the airport

4th August, 1997---15:30
Hong Kong University
The Fila Grant Hill Vs pop stars basketball competition was held in the Hong Kong University. Finally, Grant's team got 8 points while the pop star team got only 4 points.

Grant with Hong Kong teens

4th August, 1997---18:00
Regent Hotel
The press conference was held in the Regent Hotel. The full interview will be post up later. And here is a pic of Grant.

Grant in the press conference

5th August,1997---14:30
Tai Koo Sheng Cityplaza Fila Shop
Grant attended the opening ceremony of the new Fil Shop in Cityplaza. I have this day video. So feel free to contact me if you want this video. And here are some pics of Grant.

Grant help the child to dunk

Grant made the hand mark

5th August, 1997---17:00
Tsim Sha Tsui Fila Shop
Grant was taking some photos and doing some interviews in the Fila Shop. Also I have recorded a video on this location myself, too!
Here are some pics of Grant.

Grant is a Man In Black???

Grant with his GH3

6th August, 1997---16:00
Hong Kong Airport
Grant finished his Asia Tour--Hong Kong and went to Taiwan. And I have recorded his departure in hotel and airport. Please feel free to contact me if you want to have a look at the video ^_^

Grant with staffs

P.S. Grant's father is a very kind person.

Grant's father

More pics will be post up later ^_^

Asia Tour---Taiwan
Here are some pics taken in Taiwan

Grant with the mic

Grant points to his poster

Asia Tour---Philipines
Here are some pics taken in Philipines

Grant in a press conference

Grant waves hands

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