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Tsuyoshi Dohmoto

Name: Tsuyoshi Dohmoto
Birth date: April10,1979
Birthplace: Nara Prefecture
Body: 165cm, 49kg
Shoe size#: 25cm
Blood type: B
Sight: Both are 1.5
Weak point: Nose is easy to get hurt
Horoscope: Aries
Hobby or specialty: Inline skating
Sport you are good at: Basketball
Subject you are good at: Lately, I have none...
Do you make meal? Lately, I don't make meal
Specialty of cooking: None
Favorite season: Spring and autumn
Least favorite season: Summer and Winter
Which part of your body you like? eyebow
Favorite Color: Red, blue, earth color
Least favorite color: None.
Your favorite food: Hamburger, Cheese Cake
How is Tsuyoshi in Koichi's point of view: "I think he is very handsome, but he has a addiction to dress up like a girl. One day, I came to his house, I saw he collects about a hundred wig hairs, he put the hair on his head, he exactly looks like a girl!!! Just kidding...!"; "Tsuyoshi-Kun is not as vigorous as me, he always think a lot. When he is ill, his mood become very bad. But I don't require him to change anything. I don't have any unsatisfactory of him. At last, I would like to tell Tsuyoshi-Kun, "I love you."." Koichi said," We ssems like a pair of couple!!! I am the husband and Tsuyoshi-Kun is the wife!" ~l_l~;

Koichi Dohmoto

Name: Koichi Dohmoto
Birth date: January 1, 1979
Birthplace: Hospital of Osaka
Body: 167cm, 51kg
Shoe size#: 25cm
Blood type: B
Sight: Both are 0.02
Horoscope: Capricorn
Secret house: Dormitory of father's comany
Place appears: Neighbour's house
Hobby or specialty: About F1
Sport you are good at: Baseball
Subject you are good at: Science
Favorite food: Fruits
Western food or Japanese food you perfer: Both
Do you cook meal? Still practising...
Specialty of cooking: Freid ginger
Favorite season: Autumn
Least favorite saeson: Summer
Which part of your body you like? None
Which part of your body you hate? All
The first girlfriend which is not acceptable: When Koichi was 3, he goes to learn piano with his neighbour, Nami together. The first girlfriend which is acceptable: Classmate in kindagarden, Miyuki.
Specialty when young: When he is only 7 months, he began to say "Hai!"(Means "Yes!" in Japanese). Every morning, when his father was going out to work, he would say,"Please come again."; 11 months, he began to walk; about 1 year old, he could speak 2 conjuction words; 4 yrs old, he could ride 2-wheel bike.
Some events happened on Koichi: Event1: When Koichi was still studied in kindergarden, everybody thought he was too shy. In the first day the opening cermony, Koichi acted like a spoiled chilld and said,"Mom, I want candy!" Everybody ridiculed at him. In the mornings, the people went to his home for taking him to school, he pretends to have stomach ache. After the Dohmoto's family moved to a new a new city, there was an event happened on Koichi. One day, the kids are joining lines to go washroom, Koichi's classmate, Miyuki was jumped the queue by a boy. Koichi was outraged by injustice, so he went that kid for justice. Contrary, he was beat up by that kid who know Shonenji-Kenpo.(That kid might be Ken Miyake... He He He He...) Event2: After this, Koichi began to be very rigid and serious in anything. When going to elementary school, in the opening ceremony, the students had to introduce themselves. Koichi said,"Contgratulations to everyone that can go in elementary school!" Then he drew a tulip on the blackboard. After the ceremony, Koichi found out the tulip's leaf was disappeared!!! Koichi filled the leaf for the tulip
again. Event3: In grade1, Koichi's athletics ability was choosen by his teacher to a course for training athletics players. Koichi rejected because of his physical reason. In grade3, Koichi joined the school baseball team, he had to practice every Saturday and Sunday. But he is not very healthy, he must feels very heavy while too much exercises. So that, when he runs too much in the concerts, he must feels very heavy. Event4: In grade1, there was a house which the wall was cracked. One day, he went to play with his friend nearby that wall. Suddenly, the wall was collapsed. And it hit on Koichi's head and his could not be stopped bleeding. Finally, he was sent to hospital.



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